Microsoft will end Windows 7 support in July

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Windows 7 support will come to an end soon.


Microsoft has confirmed to end the support for Windows 7 OS by 2020. However, if users of the OS do not install the update that will be rolled out in March, the support will come to an end in July 2019 itself.

Microsoft will end Windows 7 support in July

Well, Microsoft rolls out updates leveraging the SHA-1 or SHA-2 encryption algorithm for security purposes. As per PCWorld, the company is all set to completely phase out the support for the former in the upcoming security update. This update will mark the shift to leverage more reliable encryption algorithm and will be released on March 12.

The report cites the company mentioning that the security algorithm SHA-1 has become less secure over time. This is mainly because of the weakness that is found in the security algorithm, advent of cloud computing and increased processor performance. There are stronger alternatives like the SHA-2 algorithm, which is preferred as it does not have such issues.

The report goes on stating that it is for this reason that Microsoft will rollout the Windows 7 security updates using the security algorithm SHA-2 in July. Windows 7 users are recommended to install the update to be rolled out on March 12 to get the SHA-2 support. Those users who fail to install the update will face discontinuation of the OS support soon.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also in plans to update a few dated versions of the WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). Notably, Windows 10 is available on 39.22% devices while the dated Windows 7 runs on 36.9% devices as of 2018, as per a report by Net MarketShare. Customers using the legacy OS versions such as Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows Service 2008 SP2 are required to receive the SHA-2 support on their devices by this July. Devices without this support will not be provided Windows updates after the stipulated time.

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