Huawei all set to replace Android with its own operating system

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Android might soon cut ties with the Chinese smartphone maker.


The situation between Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and the US government has almost reached a boiling point. And, it’s very likely that the US might completely ban Huawei services in the country, citing security concerns.

Huawei all set to replace Android with its own operating system

Apart from supplying communications equipment, Huawei is also a renowned smartphone maker with the US being one of its major markets. If the company is forced to shut its operation in the US, there’s a possibility that Google will cut ties with the firm which also means no Android for Huawei smartphones.

The operating system has been rumored for a long time now, but Huawei has now confirmed its existence through the South China Morning Post, saying it could see the light of day if they are forced to cut ties with Android or Windows. This might be the last resort, but given the situation between the two entities, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Huawei started working on the operating system back in 2012 after the US banned ZTE from using American products and services. AS of now, the company still has Android and Windows as its primary focus. “We fully support our partners’ operating systems — we love them and our customers love them,” a company spokesperson told South China Morning Post.

Besides, Huawei has also filed for a new patent that shows a smartphone that sports a secondary display on the rear panel, reports LetsGoDigital. Well, this is just a patent and there’s no certainty that the device will make it to the production stage. However, it will be interesting to see how Huawei makes it different from other devices that come with dual displays.

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