How to recover your Facebook account when you can’t log in

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If you are logged in somewhere else.

If you are logged into Facebook on other browsers or devices like your phone or tablet, you might be able to get your password without a confirmation reset code (you will be creating a new password directly). Setting up a two-factor authentication code on Facebook would be a good move at this point.

Default Account Recovery Options

If the previous method doesn’t work, the next step is to try for recovery options. Using a network or computer that you’ve logged into Facebook before on if it is possible.

Go to the Facebook recover page and enter an email address or phone number you previously added to your Facebook account, you can enter your username as well even though it doesn’t say so. Once you’ve identified your account, you will be able to see a summary of your profile. But before you proceed, you will need carefully check to see if this really is your account and if you have access to the email addresses that have been listed.

Clicking on ‘continue’ will make Facebook send you a security code. Click on ‘Didn’t get a code’ will take you to the previous screen and you can try again.

If you have accessed your account and suspect that your account has been hacked, changing your password and updating your contact information are the key steps in securing your Facebook account.

In the event of changed contact information

In case you do not have access to the email addresses and phone numbers you added to your profile anymore, Facebook allows you to specify a new email address or phone number. Click on ‘No longer have access to these?’ at the bottom left of the reset password page and that will start the Facebook account recovery process. Facebook will ask you for a new email address or phone number that they can use to contact you. If you have set up ‘Trusted Contacts,’ you can ask them for help to recover your Facebook account in the next step. You will have to remember the full name of at least one of your three to five Trusted Contacts in order to reveal all of them. Facebook only needs three codes to recover your Facebook account. If you haven’t done this, you will get the option to answer one of your security questions and reset your password on the spot. This also comes with a 24 hour waiting period before you can access your account.

If your account has been hacked, you should ‘report your Facebook account as compromised’ and a process similar to the one outlined above will be set into motion. You will be able to use a current or previous Facebook password to recover your account.

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