How to blur background in Skype video calls

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Video calling options have been incorporated into a number of platforms over recent years. The time when Skype was the first app anyone thought of when they felt the need to see and talk to someone has passed. The Microsoft-owned company has a new feature on its platform that brings your face into focus by blurring the background. The feature is dubbed the AI background blur tool and is very useful if you are engaged in a professional meeting with clients and remote team members.

How to blur background in Skype video calls

Having an interview or meeting jeopardized because the person on the other end of the call is distracted by a haphazardly arranged room or some other shiny trinket on display will not be conducive or contribute to helping you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

The background blur option refocuses the person on the other side’s attention on you by bringing less attention and focus to everything else around you. It makes dealing with potential distractions an easier thing to do. While you will appear nice and clear, everything around and behind you will be subtly concealed.

A similar feature was added to Microsoft Teams as well. Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The AI is designed to detect features like hair, hands, skin, facial contours and arms. It does so by constantly analyzing the surrounding and movements of the person in the calling screen to keep the background blurred. It has been observed that the feature works even when there are two people in the frame.

You will need to ensure that you are at a certain distance (1.5 meters) from the camera to make sure that the AI algorithms work. The feature is available on the Skype desktop app, but it will not work in all devices.

Quite similar to how it goes in Microsoft Teams, the background blur option only works when calls are being made to the recipient who is also on a desktop computer. The blur background option won’t appear if the recipient is using it on a mobile. Microsoft is working towards bringing this option to more devices.

Blurring The Background When Making Skype Calls

You can the blur background option when you are on a video call with someone.

1) Open Skype

2) Start a video chat with any of your available contacts.

3) Right click on the camera feed in order to get a list of options.

4) Click on the option called ‘Blur My Background.’

Alternate option:

1) Open Skype

2) Go to the call screen

3) Click on the gear icon that is available at the top-right corner of your call screen

4) Click on the Audio & Video Settings Menu.

5) The option to blur the background will be available here.

These steps will make sure that your background is now blurred and that the caller is brought into a sharper focus.

You can follow the same procedure and click on ‘Unblur My Background’ to get rid of the blur option.

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