Here’s how to enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android and iOS

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Facebook is always trying to keep its platform a better place for interaction for its beloved users. So, if you are into Facebook lately, you must have noticed about Dark mode on Facebook messenger. For those who have no clue, about what Dark mode is about, here comes the explanation. The dark mode in messenger gives you less brightness while making no difference and vibrant.

Here’s how to enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android and iOS

It is basically using your app in low light situations with just cutting off glare, but giving you perfect contrast and vibrancy. Facebook’s messenger is the first social app to get Dark Mode. The users of Facebook Messenger App are going crazy for this awesome feature. If you want to enable the Dark Mode app, just follow the below tips.

• Open any chat or group from Facebook Messenger and send the moon emoji 🌙 from Facebook emoji list.

• It should be a plain crescent moon with no face and must be faced left sided.

• After a moment, you will see a pop-up on the top.

• The pop-up on the app, says that you have found dark mode.

• The pop-up will guide you on how to enable dark mode.

• It is best to check the settings for further instructions.

• Once you head to settings, you will find the dark mode option.

• The dark mode option is available right under your name in messenger profile.

• Tap the dark mode switch on and enjoy your mode.

Not everyone is lucky to get the Dark mode in messenger. If you are unable to find the Dark mode option, you can delete the app from the memory and reinstall it. Try from the start like tap the emoji again to see the dark mode. Once it gets unlocked, all you have to do is toggle the on button.

The company is still working on this feature and it will take time for the dark mode feature to be officially released. No wonder, why users are so crazy about this app. The Dark mode looks dynamic, especially phones that have AMOLED Displays. Facebook has fixed an Easter egg inside the app for users to get the mode easily and immediately. But only a few users get to roll out the Dark mode. Do not feel disappointed if you are not able to find this feature. It will soon be launched officially.

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