Google wants to replace profile pictures with animation

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Google has been awarded a patent that looks purely basic but cool at the same time. The patent shows a method of generating “animated user identifiers.” So when the users make a voice or video call, the system will click pictures using the selfie camera to create a little animation and send it to the receiver.

Google wants to replace profile pictures with animation

The same animation can be used again for contact apps, chat apps or any other place where the identifier will be appropriate. Google has been working on better user identifiers for quite some time now. The patent is a follow-up to the patent filed in 2016 and is also implemented a related version of this in Duo, its video calling app.

Duo app sends receiver of the video call before they have even picked the call, so they can see who is calling them. However, that video could not be used again as an identifier. So the new patent has a little different approach.

Well, this goes without saying that the patent being awarded to the company doesn’t mean we will definitely see the feature. Big firms such as Google and Apple routinely file patents, but most of them end up not being used. However, the new patent doesn’t seem like something big, we might see it in Android P.

Google recently also filed a patent for the next generation Google Glass. The previous smart glasses were catered to the users with an idea that they would provide all kind of technical innovations while offering an attractive look. Looks are the major concern for the users while using a smart wearable if we keep the privacy concerns aside.

Google has filed for a patent that shows how the wiring will be integrated into a pair of normal glasses. If you see the images and text combined in the patent, the company is seeking ways to better combine the tech within the product for a more usual look. It seems Google doesn’t want to show the ‘smart’ part inside the glasses. The patent suggests that the wires will run through the frame of the glasses, and molding the frames to accommodate the extra wiring.

Other technical components would be hidden within the arms of the glasses, or what the patent names as ‘side-pods.’ The images also show two extra circular components attached to the arms that would act as earpieces and could be attached to the user’s ears. The imagery also hints towards the existence of a microphone and an integrated touchpad.

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