Accidental touch protection is not working on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

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oi-Karan Sharma

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ facing issues with touch inputs when kept in a pocket. All you need to know.


South Korean tech giant Samsung has recently launched its Galaxy S10 this year at its Galaxy Unpacked event. The smartphone comes with all the top-notch features and hardware, but it seems that the company has missed out on feature which disables the screen when a user placed the phone in his/her pocket. According to the latest report, it has been spotted that some users are complaining on Reddit about the accidental touch inputs on their Samsung Galaxy S10.

Accidental touch protection is not working on Samsung Galaxy S10

However, the Galaxy S10 comes with a preinstalled option to prevent accidental touches. But it seems the company has missed out on enabling the built-in proximity sensor which is responsible for locking the device while it is in the users pocket.

There are many posts on Reddit and Samsung Community forum.

“I have an S10, and I keep my phone in my pocket with the screen towards my leg (since my leg is far less likely to damage the screen). The only issue with this is that I started feeling the ‘fingerprint rejected’ vibrations while the phone was in my pocket,” users posted on Reddit.

Moreover, it has also noted that this issue is not limited to the Galaxy S10, some of the Galaxy S10+ users are also witnessing the same issue. This problem is ultimately impacting the battery life of the Galaxy S10 smartphones.

“Yeah, it appears the S10 does not have anything to prevent pocket touches. The proximity sensor is only active for things like calls so it has no way of knowing if it’s in a pocket,” another user commented on the same thread.

Samsung has not acknowledged the issue so far, hope it will come up with a software update soon to fix this issue. Until then you can use an external case to get rid of accidental touch inputs.


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