7 best apps to take scrolling screenshots on Android and iOS

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An Android app that works on nearly every app. LongShot offers a wide range of features – merge multiple screenshots into one, either vertically or horizontally, take a scrolling screenshot, auto scroll, auto capture. Its floating capture buttons add to the ease. There’s a manual stitching tool to fine tune your images. LongShot saves all images in the highest resolution.

Long Screenshot

This is an iOS specific app and focuses on web pages. You need to key in the page’s URL into the app and it takes a high resolution image of the entire webpage. Long Screenshot costs $2 and is pretty nifty. However, it doesn’t work elsewhere, like Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.


This app specializes in stitching, therefore, the screenshots have to be taken manually. There isn’t a feature that allows you to take scrolling shots. Individual screenshots are aggregated by Stitchcraft which then stitches them automatically. You also have manual control over the stitching alongside cool features such as an annotation tool and an option to share on social media platforms.


Picsew is an iOS app with features better than Long Screenshot. It allows you to stitch screenshots on either axis. Picsew has its own simple editing tools, and you can manipulate them by pixelating faces, adding watermarks and frames to the image.

Web Scroll Capture

Similar to Long Screenshot on iOS, Web Scroll Capture is a web-specific app for Android. The app doesn’t support capturing screenshots of conversations, Twitter threads, or anything on third-party apps. It lets you save web pages as an image and as a PDF.


An iOS app that works on all third-party apps such as Facebook messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp. The name is a giveaway, you’ll have to click the screenshots manually and let the app do the tailoring for you. Tailor is a free app, but it comes with ads and watermark. Therefore, buy the paid version to do away with both.

Manufacturer Apps

Smartphone developers Samsung and Huawei have put forth a long screenshot feature in their flagship phones. On Samsung Note 5 and Galaxy S8, this feature can be used by turning on Smart Capture. After taking a normal screenshot, tap on Scroll Capture to add.

On Huawei, a screenshot can be captured by pressing power + volume (down) buttons. Tap on Scrollshot to continue for a longer one. The app does the scrolling automatically.

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