5 best Android apps that help you delete duplicate and blurry photos

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Google Files Go

This app does the same thing the ‘Free Up Space’ option in the Google Photos app. The only difference is that the function is cranked up to eleven and you get to do much more than just delete the photos.

The app has an overview of your entire device and not just your gallery.

Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner

The app produces batches of photos that it considers fit for deletion, this may be because of their similarity to other pictures or because of a low standard of quality.

The app helps you delete duplicates, screenshots, and generally poor images.

Clean Master

The app is a general store management solution app that allows you to free up space on your Android phone. The app also has wonderful photo sorting and deletion abilities.

In addition to the option to sort through similar photos, almost identical portraits and blurry images, you can make use of the WhatsApp cleaning tool to get rid of junk photos from WhatsApp’s media folder.


Similar to Clean Master, NoxCleaner is not a dedicated photo management app. However, it has the ability to do so. After it completes a scan, it gives you an overview of similar images, screenshots, photos that take up a lot of space, and blurry photos that are available in different folders.

You can select the images you want to delete in a particular folder. The only major concern when it comes to the app’s functionality is that it takes quite a bit of time to finish performing a scan. But the positives outweigh the negatives and the app is absolutely worth trying.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

The sole focus of this app is to get rid of identical photos, although this might seem limited when it is compared to all the other apps that are available on this list, the app’s nifty functioning makes it worth trying.

Once Remo has completed its scan of the phone, all the photos available are sorted into duplicate or similar images and you can now get rid of only the redundant pictures. This comes in handy because when pictures are posted on social media, the websites often make a copy of the image and saves it on your device.

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